Royal Backup of Your Bussines

Entrepreneurs today must act in compliance with legislation and relevant market’s rules. While navigating through a meander of countless numbers and tedious administration, they need a professional support which will ensure timely and accurate feedback on financial situation and market position of their organisations. A support that will help them in planning, management and control of the business and which will enhance processes securing thus efficient business operations in a challenging environment

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Rhea Savjetovanje is specialised for providing a wide spectre of services of Financial and Management Accounting, Current Financial and Tax Advisory and IT Support, aiming at the provision of quality service to its clients, improvement of their operations and rationalisation of their processes.
  • Quality Service

  • Operations Improvement

  • Rationalisation of Business Processes

Royal Backup of
Your Bussines

Whenever you find yourself in a need of an initiative-taking business support, you can count on us. Your numbers are important to us and we will be happy to answer your questions and help you to achieve your goals easier.

Royal Backup of
Your Bussines

Whenever you find yourself in a need of an initiative-taking business support, you can count on us. Your numbers are important to us and we will be happy to answer your questions and help you to achieve your goals easier.

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Rhea Savjetovanje

can offer you the following services

ERPs (Enterprise Resource Planning) applications
  • Business applications intended for entrepreneurs of all sizes and business operations. They are used for business planning and management and often confused with accounting software. Although ERPs contain elements of accounting application, they are much more than that.
  • Based on your needs and requirements, we offer a wide range of services of implementation of new, or improvement of existing ERP solutions. We provide support throughout entire project lifecycle: solution selection, implementation and user education, to ensure a quality and efficient IT system which will meet your expectations and fulfil your requirements.
  • Our approach is entirely individual, where each project is carefully analysed and prepared for a successful change. For the selection and creation of the solution, our team may partner up with external team members.
Accounting services and Current Financial Advisory
  • Accounting Services include maintenance of business ledgers for entrepreneurs who realise that, because of daily changes of the accounting practice, they need support by informed and trained professional accountants who shall provide efficient support to business operations.
  • In order to provide a comprehensive service, our accounting services include Financial Advisory and elements of Management Reporting and Accounting to provide necessary proactive support to business. Regardless whether the accounting role has been set up within or outside your organisation, our services are focused on understanding of business processes and document processing, resulting in quality reports with comprehensive overview of the past, ensuring the support in management and control of the present, building thus a solid base for the planning of the future.

Year-End Closing and Tax Reports
  • Year-End Closing and Tax Reports are included in our Accounting Services. However, you may engage us for helping your accountants with collection, classification, and consolidation of financial information into Annual Financial Statements.

Accounting Ledgers Review and Audit Support
  • Accounting Ledgers Review is a service we developed prevailingly for small entrepreneurs without an internal controlling system. We adopt a methodology that offers comprehensive overview of the operations and determines whether Financial Statements show true and fair representation of assets, their source and results, and whether accounting ledgers have been maintained in accordance with the prescribed reporting standards.
  • Audit Support is a service intended for entrepreneurs already subject to audit, where business entities which are being audited for the first time, draw a maximum cost benefit from this service. You can count on our help to prepare you for audit and to lay out the path towards positive audit opinion. We will help you to align your accounting ledgers with legislation and applicable standards, and to get ready to meet your auditors.

Payroll and HR Administration Services
  • Legislation related to Payroll and Personal Income Tax Reporting is changing more frequently than other financial and tax areas. To avoid risks such frequent changes may bring, we take over the entire care about processing our clients’ payroll and any other type of income.
  • Confidentiality is one of main reasons why entrepreneurs choose to outsource payroll processing. However, besides confidentiality, our services offer a series of advantages: safety, cost decrease, accuracy, constant accessibility, and accuracy of ledgers.
  • The Croatian Tax System is extremely complex and, unfortunately, subject to recurrent changes. Many entrepreneurs encounter numerous doubts regarding Personal Income Tax, VAT and Corporate Income Tax. We are here to ensure our clients’ compliance with tax regulation.
  • Following our registered business activity, we may provide limited tax advisory, but with your consent we partner up with other professional providers of tax, legal and financial advisory to secure a comprehensive needed support
  • The only constant thing is change. Changes are today more frequent than ever and ask for accurate decisions. Room for decision-making has narrowed and decisions must therefore be brought with accuracy and preciseness, requiring thus a well-organised system where nothing can be left to chances. A system which monitors every process, measures performance and alarms when non-compliant issues are detected. A system where indispensable role is - Management Reporting and Accounting.
  • Management Reporting and Accounting focuses on the fulfilment of management requirements at all levels of the organisation. It ensures cost management, which is one of main tasks of every manager.
  • Management Reporting and Accounting endeavours to secure information relevant for achievement of positive business result in new market conditions and to ensure understanding of the business past, control of the present and planning of the future. It can be defined as a sort of upgrade of existing Financial Accounting, because it uses its data, along with the information that is not necessarily documented. Management Reporting and Accounting is not a statutory obligation and therefore it is not formalised. Management Reports are entirely adaptable to users. Financial Accounting often provides insufficient information for management because the processing is done for the organisation as a whole, based on strict legal requirements and it is intended for external users
  • S obzirom da financijsko računovodstvo najčešće ne osigurava dovoljno informacija za upravljanje tvrtkom jer se obračun radi za poslovni subjekt u cjelini, regulirano je zakonskim propisima i namijenjeno eksternim korisnicima bez obzira na to što zakonom nije propisano, menadžersko računovodstvo poduzećima usmjerenim na kvalitetno upravljanje i odlučivanje predstavlja potrebu a ne opciju jer uvođenjem menadžerskog računovodstva osigurava se i alociranje odgovornosti za troškove i rezultat.
  • Therefore, Management Reporting and Accounting is not only a possibility but an actual need for organisations striving towards quality management and decision-making, because it enables allocation of duties for expenses and result. Advisory on the implementation of Management Reporting and Accounting is often included in the implementation of new, or improvement of existing, accounting software where Management Reports are introduced for different business segments. Such reports connect the responsibility of a single manager to expenses, income and results and therefore ensure successful business in a modern competition.
  • Management Reporting and Accounting Advisory, along with our team who offers “on-site” support and user training on the accounting software, secures significant savings in business performance and more efficient operations of Finance, Accounting and Controlling Department
  • Chief Financial Officer (CFO) or Finance Director optimises and approves expenses, analyses investment possibilities and financing options, manages liquidity and working capital of a business organisation. Such approach leads to decrease of financing costs, increase of competitiveness and profitability and company growth.
  • CFO for Rent is designed for business entities for which having their own, permanently engaged CFO, is not an option, mainly because of the low business volume. Such organisations often do not possess sophisticated financial reporting system, nor they conduct efficient analysis of its business performance. Sometimes small entrepreneurs do not keep adequate accounting ledgers which could offer reliable and updated information
  • Furthermore, we have met many entrepreneurs who are unable to read their own financial statements. Most of them understand the Profit & Loss Account, some of them understand Balance Sheet items, but the majority cannot explain the Cash Flow Statement, which, to our opinion, is most important: a company will not close its business because of losses but because of lack of money.
  • The above illustrated brings us to seven reasons why an organisation should rent out our experienced Financial Director:
  1. Renting a Financial Director on a need basis is more profitable than having someone engaged full time; many entrepreneurs do not need financial director’s services all the time.
  2. Financial Director shall explain the importance of money and cash flow for your business and help you, through systematic planning, foresee and overcome lack of cash in a given moment.
  3. Financial Director shall help you understand key financial indicators.
  4. Financial Director shall develop and set up tools to track financial indicators and their movements, contributing to the success of the business.
  5. Financial Director shall ensure your understanding of financing options and draft necessary reports and simulations.
  6. Financial Director shall help you to position your organisation better on the market to gain value for potential future sale.
  7. Financial Director shall help you increase profitability, focusing on the cash and its sources.
  8. By introducing the role of Financial Director, an organisation embarks on the journey of the optimisation of its financial operations. Uncertainty of the future and unnecessary financing costs may be resolved through efficient budgeting process and valuation of future cash flows. You can count on us.
  • Rhea savjetovanje organises and conducts in-house training sessions in Financial and Management Accounting. This service offers us a possibility to nicely round up our engagement and to remain by your side during our cooperation and/or after the project has been delivered.