Financial Accounting and Payroll

Accounting Services and Current Financial Advisory

Accounting Services include maintenance of business ledgers for entrepreneurs who, because of daily changes in accounting practice, require support of well-informed and trained professional accountants.

Through the Accounting Services and maintenance of business ledgers, we are looking into your business as a whole, and provide you with financial advisory and elements of Management Reporting. Regardless of your desire of having an in-house accounting department or an outsourced partner, we shall ensure a quality set-up of your information accounting system to be able to promptly supply you with the information and advice necessary for your decision making process and optimisation of tax results.

Year-End Closing and Tax Reports

Year-End Closing and Tax Reports are included in our Accounting Services. But you can engage us to help your in-house accountants to collect, classify and consolidate your financial data into Annual Financial Statements.

Accounting Ledgers Review and Support in External Audit

Preparation for an External Audit is a service intended for entrepreneurs already subject to mandatory external audit, but it is most beneficiary to businesses that have just became subject to such audits.

Payroll and HR Administration Services

Payroll and Personal Income Tax Reporting legislation is changing most frequently than others. To avoid risks that such frequent changes may bring, we take care over entire processing our clients’ payroll and other types of personal income.

Safety is just one of the reasons to outsource these tasks, along with decreased costs, constant availability and accurate ledgers.